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Kids Bicycle

Hippo Kids Games Racing

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Funny Kids Bicycle with baby Hippo is a free educational games for kids. Games for boys and for girls.

Baby Hippo as well as all children like funny games and bicycle racing, so she took the bicycle, dressed a helmet and hit the road. The game offers you colorful locations, spectacular tricks that will make baby Hippo on a bike. While driving, avoid obstacles. Ducks, rocks, muddy puddles, dinosaurs and other obstacles that may come your way. To jump on the bike tap on the screen. During a jump if you tap on the screen second time - baby Hippo will bounce higher and will make a nice trick.

Perform breathtaking tricks on a bike and try to ride as far as possible. It's almost like BMX or race on the bike just for kids. You can also change the speed, to accelerate - press up, which is located in the lower right corner to reduce speed - down arrow. Bicycle can be accelerated to 40 km / h. During the trip - Collect stars to improve your score.

Free educational game for kids - a great opportunity to spend time with advantage, because while playing children develop fine motor skills and hand will train reaction. And the main characters of the cartoon baby Hippo will entertain and delight kids.

Enjoy new free game Funny Kids Bicycle.